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Lapidary (Gem Cutting)

Simply put, Lapidary is the art of Cutting and Polishing a seemingly ordinary, or even an unusual rock, and in the process revealing a beautiful and often valuable Gemstone that is ready to be set into a piece of jewelry.  Jewelers are the ones who take a Cut and Polished Gemstone and Mount, or Set, it into either a Traditional or a one of a kind Custom Setting.  Most often a stone is set into either Sterling Silver, or 14kt Gold.

Most Lapidarists do not set stones, and most Jewelers do not cut stones.  

But here at Emma's Place, we are able to do either or both!

Cutting prices are based on the type of stone and/or the weight of the stone. We cut both Facet cuts and Cabochon cuts (pictured above).  
Our Cutting prices are VERY economical and we even do Lay-a-way!




Choose from a variety of Rings, Pendants, and also Earrings in Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold or Platinum settings.  
Most Men's Rings come in 10kt Gold instead of 14kt Gold. Men's Rings also come in Sterling Silver. 
Earrings can can dangle from a post, a leverback, or a fishhook, or they can come as a stud.
If you are interested in having a stone cut and/or set, just drop on by.  If you aren't from around here then give us a call at 828-369-1884 and we can discuss your options or you can shoot us an email

Turn around time for Lapidary work is about 1 month.




Located very near Ruby Cinemas at 
1884 Georgia Rd.
Franklin, NC 28734

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