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We bought Emma's Place in 2010 and it took us 9 months to renovate and restore the building, to make it both safe and beautiful for you!  But that doesn't mean that we are crazy expensive, in fact we are probably the most reasonably priced place in town!


We believe that everyone deserves a good deal everyday!  We have sales from time to time, but even without a sale, you'll find our prices to be right in your range. 


Emma's Place began because I wanted to bring some extra crafts to the area. It has always been my dream to own a bead shop and most importantly to teach others how to make beautiful jewelry!  Now at Emma's Place I have that dream and I hope you can all come in and join me in making the world and yourself more beautiful one bead, wire, or clay at a time!


My name is Linda, but my alter ego is Emma Jayne, so feel free to call me by either name.  And Jack is my partner - he does the stone cutting and setting and he will keep you in stitches the rest of the time!




Located in an historic building and with an address that commemorates the year 1884.  We have tried to keep the building's architechture and inside display cases as close to that time period as possible.  When you walk inside you are taking a small step back in time.  So come sit by our fire place and then browse our wares that range from Sterling Silver & 14kt Gold Jewelry to Antiques, Gemstones both in the Rough and also already Cut and Polished to some fun random Nic-nacs as well - there is always something new to discover!  
We also Cut gemstones found at the Mines and set them into clasic pieces of jewelry.
Emma's Place is also home to Franklin's largest Bead Shop.  We carry Jewelry making supplies of all types!!!  From Miyuki Seed Beads from sz 6 to sz 15, Tila Beads, Peanut Beads, Cube Beads, Bugle Beads and Delica Beads to Preciosa Crystals, Glass & Gemstone Beads, and SS, SS Filled & 14kt GF Wire, and also Craft Wire and Bead Stringing Wire as well as Tools of all kinds.  Bead Looms, Books, Kumihimo and Polymer Clay supplies too!  If we don't have it, ask & we'll do our best to get it in stock for you!
And if you don't already know how to make jewelry, come discover what you've been missing!!!!!  Need a last minute gift, want the perfect necklace for your new outfit, or wqnt to spice up an old outfit with a matching set of jewelry from ring to bracelet, to necklace and earrings too?!?!?!  You can do it - I can show you how!!!

Located very near Ruby Cinemas at 
1884 Georgia Rd.
Franklin, NC 28734

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